Cake Information

All our celebration cakes are bespoke, we try and work with all our customers individual ideas to create the cake they envisage.

Therefore our prices can only be a guide as they are specific to each cake.

We do not take orders for Carved car, motorbike or train cakes.


All our sponges are Handmade with fresh ingredients using ‘Julias’ jams to enhance the flavours.

  •  Vanilla sponge with freshly made buttercream and ‘Julias’ Strawberry jam
  •  Lemon sponge with freshly made butter cream and ‘Julias’ Lemon curd.
  • Chocolate cake with rich chocolate ganache.
  • Chocolate orange sponge with orange infused chocolate ganache.
  • Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.
  • Banana Cake (this is a dairy free cake)

We can do Dairy free cakes, Gluten free cakes, Vegetarian cakes and Vegan cakes.

Fruit cake is available on request, prices will alter with a fruit cake option.

All our cakes are nut free, but please ring up and talk through exact allergies so we can work together and make your cake to meet your dietary needs.


Celebration cakes…

Round Cakes Square Cakes
  • 6″ round £35+
  • 8″ round £45+
  • 10″ round £55+
  • 12″ round £65+
  • 6″ square £37+
  • 8″ square £47+
  • 10″ square £57+
  • 12″ square £67+

Hand made models are £12.00 each

Cupcakes and Biscuits

  • Cupcakes £1.50+ each
  • Biscuits £2.00+ each
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